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About Nutr⟁Care Lash™

We Are A Self-Care Culture

Mission Statement

We are more than just a lash growth company. Our future goal is to open a facility that will provide education and jobs to our community (page coming soon). Every bottle purchased also provides a donation to a company we are VERY passionate about, the ``Operation Underground Railroad`` this organization saves children from sex trafficking.

Vision Statement

Nutr⟁Care Lash™ is an avant-garde fashion statement, complimented by our holistic eyelash formulas that nourish the soul and restore self-confidence. focusing on daily self-care routines.

Impact Statement

Every step we take is thought out methodically and plans are set in place to ensure some form of recycling is promoted within our company and to our customers. Our customers can sign-up for our recycle program to receive kick backs for recycling their bottles. We have teamed up with Terracycle, to ensure our bottles do not end up in landfills or our oceans.

Stunning Beauty

We support our community! Nutr⟁Care Lash™ presents a variety of outlets to empower our sisters and brothers in our community.

Customer of the Month

This monthly drawing is super fun! Every bottle purchased enters you into the drawing for a chance to win a free eyelash growth and stregthening serum.

Brand Ambassador

Our ambassadors are provided proffessional one-on-one coaching sessions from certified specialists to ensure financial and personal successes.

Product Testers

Story time! We want to hear all the juicy details about a traumatic experience damaging your eyelashes. Fun Fact: When the owner was 14, she shaved the hairs around her eyebrows instead of tweazing them. One small slip... half her eyebrow was gone. The funny part, she didn't want to look stupid so she shaved half of her other eyebrow.

Imagine And Create

Do you have a passion blogging about beauty-related subjects? Have you ever considered editorial work? Email us some of your work.

What We Do

Inspiring~ Educational ~ Powerful


All the ingredients used for our eyelash growth and strengthening serum are carefully chosen by a team of experienced exports.
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Giving back to our community and our planet is what drives this company! Check out what we've been up to lately..
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Trade Shows

We love to travel and get to know our community come join us at our next event. We might be coming to a town near you.
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Eyelash Serum

Our unique ingredients come in different styles. You can customize your own bottle today by choosing the style that best fits you.

Product Testers

Find out more information about how you can test our products up to 6 months.

Brand Ambassadors

We empower our community by creating jobs. Learn more about how you can become your own boss.

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