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Brand Ambassador

What To Expect

Will There Be Contracts To Sign?

Yes. Our contractors are not employees of Nutr⟁Care Lash™,  the contract explains sales and tax responsibilities. Payments are on the 10th & 20th of each month.

Purchasing Products For Your Customer.

Initially receiving your NUTR⟁CARE LASH™ kit will be the only time our brand ambassadors will need to purchase the product. We suggest you use the bottles in the kit to display our product. The customers order through our brand ambassadors to receive special offers they won’t receive anywhere else.

What's My Percent of Sales?

Our Brand Ambassadors make 30% of sales on each order completed. Our B.A.’s can offer special deals that their customers won’t find anywhere else.

Do We Provide Multi-level Marketing Profitability?

What’s so exciting about our network marketing program? Our new B.A.’s, receive a sign-on bonus of $1,000.00 when sales reach $15,000 of product the first 6 months. Their recruiters will receive a $500.00 bonus. If our Brand Ambassadors achieve a goal of over $50,000 in sales in a calendar year Nutr⟁Care Lash™ will award a vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii for a week.

Additional Information

Are There Other Perks Available?

Yes! Nutr⟁Care Lash™ provides our hard workers with extra perks along the way. If our Brand Ambassadors earn $5,000 in sales (per month), we provide a 10% bonus each month this goal is met. Our super overachievers that break sales of over $100,000 a calendar year will be awarded a yearly bonus of $10,000. We want to see our Brand Ambassadors succeed!

What are My Responsibilities as a Brand Ambassador?

This gig is easier than it looks. We ask our Brand Ambassadors to hold their position ethically without disrespecting Nutr⟁Care Lash™, fellow ambassadors, potential and/ or existing customers. Our company has very strict policies to adhere to, just like any other company. You will be responsible for upholding our brand’s name and those duties that fall under your contract, this includes respect and adhering to proper customer service protocol.

Can I terminate my Contract Anytime?

Absolutely. Our Brand Ambassadors are not employees so you can terminate your contract with us at any time. We do need a termination letter in writing thirty (30) days prior to the termination date. During those 30 days, an examination of inventory/orders is completed. We make sure your last check is accurate.

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