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Editorial Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

Blogging and Vlogging
How soon will I hear from you after I apply for this position?

When you apply write in the notes area what your ideas are and what you would bring to the table long term. We will notify you within thirty days if we would like to move forward with your application.

Do I have my own website to do this?

No. NutraCare Lash™ editorial assistants get a chance to use our platform for their voices to be heard. All blogs/vlogs will be reviewed and added to the website by our chief editor.

Do I just edit other peoples' content & submissions?

No. Editor assistants write/create all of their own content. Each editor is the sole content provider for their content. Note that all content must be 100% your own words and can not be cut-and-pasted from another website, or slightly written from existing content written by another person. We take plagiarism very seriously here.

What type of content are you looking for?

Anything about growing eyelashes – preventing eyelash growth – general eyelash health – eyelash at home recipes

Additional Information

Can I earn money?

Yes! NutraCare Lash LLC™ provides 20% of sales of any and all completed sales navigated through your blog/vlog pages. Your sales are all content driven by the content of your articles and clickthrough rate for targeted sales items. Our editor assistants are not employees of NutraCare Lash LLC™,  we will have a contract in place to explains sales and tax responsibilities. Payments are on the 10th & 20th of each month.

Who owns my content?

You will always be the owner of your content and creations. We do ask our editor assistants to create content specific to our website, so all content would be maintained on NutraCare Lash™ and not shared anywhere else. All editorial assistants are Independent of the company, so you are not an employee so you can branch out and write for other companies as well.

Why wouldn't I just create my own website/ blog for beauty topics?

You most certainly can! NutraCare Lash™ is just providing another platform that provides free hosting and larger crowds of people to view your content. We want to remind you that anything written for Nutracare Lash LLC will remain on our website and the content you provide will be very specific to our websites brand.

For example:
If you have a beauty blog there can be no clashing of content and you are not personally allowed to use our brands’ name on any articles that aren’t meant for NutraCare Lash™ website.

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