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Product Testers

What To Expect

It's as easy as one, two, three ...
1) Spill the Beans!

We want to hear the most recent story of how you accidentally damaged those luscious lashes.

2) Recruiting Interview

The next step is our favorite part of the process! We will move on to stage 2 and set up an interview.

3) Receiving Test Kit

Our product testers are asked to be available for 12 weeks using our serum twice a day.

Additional Information

Is There a Contract?

Yes, we do have a contract. Our product testers are independent contractors of Nutr⟁Care Lash™, so we have contracts in place explaining your tax responsibilities. Product testers are paid $25.00 every week.

Selfie Time!

Our testers’ main goal is to provide weekly photos of their eyelash growth. There will be three (3) sets of pictures taken 4x per month.

Are there Any Extras or Perks to the Position?

We are looking for responsible people who will take this gig seriously. Our product testers can test our products for up to 6 months earning a total of $600.00, $25.00 weekly.

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